CBD Wild Leaf is proud to announce that one of our Founders, Pat Sheetz is a Master Cannabinologist!

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So what is a Master cannabinologist?

1) A person trained in the human endocannabinoid system and the proper use and effects of cannabinoids.

2) A person who has been trained and qualified to provide advice and guidance in the use of cannabinoids.

Why is this important?

CBD Wild Leaf can provide educational materials, training classes and educational lectures to groups! The industry is
flooded with miss information and inaccurate materials that lead consumers to question what is the truth. Now CBD Wild Leaf can answer all your questions with integrity and provide consumers with trusted information and the science behind it! She can provide consumers with trusted information and guidance on the use, dosage, COA’s, premium
product knowledge, nanotechnology, history of use throughout the ages, endocannabinoid system, the difference of broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolates, delivery methods, how to use, what are the side effects, what it can be used for and much more!

Please contact Pat at pat.s@cbdwildleaf.com to set up educational training or to ask questions regarding CBD!

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