What is the difference between Hemp and CBD marijuana CBD?

There are two primary types of CBD: hemp-derived and cannabis-derived. Let’s understand the difference between hemp and cannabis-derived CBD. Both have different chemical and physical attributes; the hemp plant is thin with thin leaves and tall, slender stalks, and  The cannabis plant has large buds, broader leaves, and short stalks. Both plants contain THC and CBD but with a significant difference in the amount of both THC and CBD. Hemp plants are low in THC (less than 0.3%), and cannabis plants are high in THC. There are also hybrid plants engineered to produce more CBD and less THC; as the industry evolves, so are the plants!

CBD Wild Leaf CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa CBD Flower and Leaf extracts and is considered Broad Spectrum.

Cannabis and hemp plants, is there a difference, yes a big difference. There are two “types” of cannabis plants, low resin hemp plants, and high resin cannabis plants. Low-resin industrial hemp includes plants grown for fiber and seed oil. Tall resin plants include THC-rich plants and non-euphoric CBD-rich plants. These high resin plants provide the CBD medicinal attributes of the plant. Industrial hemp grown for fiber or seed is typically low in therapeutic cannabidiol content. So bottom line, to receive the benefits of CBD, the oil must come from high resin cannabis, not hemp seed. Scientists, farmers, and companies are developing new plants that are CBD-rich. Therefore, less extraction and higher yields.