Delta 8, 9, and 10?

Delta 8, 9, and 10?

I'm So confused! What is Delta 8? 9? and 10? Marijuana? CBD?

What's Legal? What's not?

It isn't obvious! Since scientists have been studying cannabis and hemp plants, they have made many discoveries, including deltas 8,9,10, and CBD. In the late 1900s, all we knew was marijuana and getting "high" and two dominant strains, Sativa and Indica! What are delta 8,9,10? How do they differ?

Let's start with the plants! The cannabis(marijuana) and hemp plants are from the same family. Although they are from the same family, they have different chemical and physical attributes. Both plants contain cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds in all mammals (Endocannabinoids) and cannabis plants (Phytocannabinoids). The two most notable Phytocannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD). Scientists have been studying the chemistry of the plants and have identified over 140 cannabinoids.

Wow! Over 140 cannabinoids! With 140 different cannabinoids identified, it's easy to get confused. These cannabinoids react very differently, with our bodies producing reactions from "high" feelings, relaxation to sleep. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, much like caffeine is one of the active compounds in the coffee tree. We know how people react to caffeine differently, similar to cannabinoids.

THC is the primary psychoactive component but not the only one responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. THC is the plant's psychoactive part and is now referred to as the "deltas." The "deltas" are 8, 9, &10. The "Deltas" are analogs with similar effects but subtle differences and slightly different results.

So, what are the deltas? Let's start with delta 9 as it is the most well-known.

Delta 9

What is delta 9

Delta9 is THC and is entirely natural. It's produced by various members of the Cannabacea family of plants. They include both the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica strains. Delta 9 is responsible for the cannabis "high."

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most well-known cannabinoid. This cannabinoid is known for its "high," but it also has some medical uses. It can stimulate appetite and reduce nausea, provide pain relief, mood enhancement, sleep aid, implications for neurodegenerative disorders, increase libido, and help manage the symptoms of epilepsy. Delta 9 THC triggers a feeling of euphoria that can help you relax and relieve your stress and anxiety.


People will experience very different responses to THC. Each person's experience will differ from not experiencing any side effects to a high level of adverse effects associated with THC. Scientists have discovered nine variations that explain the different reactions people experience. Regarding recreational products, there is no substitute for THC in marijuana. Marijuana is the most popular and sought-after cannabinoid because of its euphoric effects. 

Can I overdose?

It is impossible to overdose on cannabis. However, consuming a high dose of THC can produce unpleasant and unwanted side effects. A THC overdose may have symptoms of panic, paranoia, nausea, vomiting, dysphoria, emotional distress, and physical discomfort. An overdose is most likely to occur when a user ingests high potency THC. If you or anyone you know experiences intense THC overdose symptoms, remain calm. Although the sensation of panic is prevalent, it is always temporary. The symptoms can last a few minutes to several hours, depending on the amount and method of THC consumption.

Side Effects

THC is a potent cannabinoid. While there are many positive effects of delta 9, there are some adverse effects. There is currently no known lethal dose of Delta 9 THC. Still, suppose you use high doses of this cannabinoid. In that case, you may experience some common side effects: dry mouth, red eyes, light-headedness, dizziness, paranoia, and increased heart rate and appetite. Some people have experienced delusions and hallucinations; using THC products in moderation can avoid these side effects. Remember that people's response to THC and other cannabis compounds is influenced by their unique body chemistry.


Delta 9 is legal in all states if products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Drug Tests

If you are drug tested for THC and using delta products, you will most likely test positive for THC! The psychoactive delta 9 side effects last only a few hours, but any delta product can be detected in your system up to 20 hours after partaking. It can also be stored in your body's fat and organs for three to four weeks and can be detected in your hair for up to 90 days. 

Where can I purchase Delta 9 products?

Delta 8

What is delta 8?

Delta-8 THC (or Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in small quantities in hemp and marijuana plants.  Both delta-8 and delta-9 are forms of THC. The most popular by far, and when people refer to THC, they usually mean the delta-9. Both produce a euphoric effect, but delta 8 is much less intoxicating than delta 9. Delta 8, a much milder high, typically sends you into a very relaxed state and generally induces sleep. Structurally, delta-8 and delta-9 are very similar, with only one chemical bond difference. Because they are very close, they can have similar effects on those using them. But one significant difference is that the side effects of delta 8 are much milder, especially regarding side effects like paranoia and anxiety. The simplest way to understand the difference between delta-8 and delta-9 THC is that delta-8 contains a little less psychoactive response than delta-9. This is why delta 8 is gaining popularity. Delta-9 THC is considered traditional marijuana, a potent compound. And delta-8 THC is a lot more stable. Because it is less powerful, Delta-8 is often referred to as "marijuana-lite" or "diet weed." It is comparable to the Indica strain and is more of a sleep aid.


Delta 8 is not legal in all states. Check the status of the state law before taking delta 8 products across state lines.

Drug Tests

If you are tested for THC and using delta 8 products, you will most likely test positive for THC! See above delta 9.

Where can I purchase Delta 8 gummy products?

Delta 10

The newest delta is delta 10. It is found in the hemp plant but only in trace amounts. Just recently, scientists discovered how to produce it in large quantities. Delta 10 products are believed to be the least psychoactive among all the delta variants. Since delta 10 is the newest, it is the least understood at this point

If you understand the difference between the marijuana strains Saiva and Indica, then the experience can be related. The Delta 10 experience is comparable to Sativa, whereas delta 8 is much closer to Indica. This means that delta 10 is uplifting and ideal for daytime use, while delta 8 is more relaxing and can be used as a sleep aid.

Drug Tests

If you are tested for THC and using Delta 10 products, you will most likely test positive for THC!


THC has always been known as the most prevalent cannabinoid until recently. CBD, in recent years, has grown in popularity due to its therapeutic benefits. CBD is one of the over 140 cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis plant. Since the late 1900s, researchers have investigated CBD's medicinal and therapeutic uses. You can go to to learn more.


CBD is legal in all states if products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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