Pat Sheetz

 Sheetz, CEO and Chief Scientist

An alumnus of Purdue University School of Science, Pat has worked in many Executive Management positions for a Fortune 500 company. 1994 she was awarded the Purdue University of Science Distinguished Alumna Award. As a science major, she is the resident science member of our team. She works closely with our Medical Advisor on product development to ensure the products are carefully formulated. She is also an accredited Master Canadianologist. She brings her education and work experience to the company, providing sound scientific knowledge.

As co-founder, she likes to tell how the company was formed. She likes to start the story about a yaupon tree and the idiotic thing she did!

"I had a yaupon tree in my front yard that was above my mailbox. The tree had grown and was hanging over my mailbox. My mailman had asked me to trim my tree as it was hard for him to get his vehicle close enough to my mailbox under the tree, which had grown over quite a bit. I called my tree company to come and trim my tree. The company didn’t come, and my mailman was getting irritated, so I called another company, and again, they were no show. So, I did the stupid thing of trimming my tree down myself. After several hours of trimming work, I had a six-by-eight-foot-tall trim pile! My mailman was very happy, but my right arm was numb and in pain the next day! What I had done was pinch a nerve in my neck! So that day, I had to drive to Oklahoma with my pain. When I got to Oklahoma City, I saw all these billboards advertising CBD for pain relief. I stopped and bought some topical CBD lotion and started using it! It worked, and I could feel relief from my pain. So, as a scientist, I had to research CBD and learn all about it! At the time, these products were not available in Texas. That’s when I thought about manufacturing the lotion and started talking it up with my very good friend Iain Day! We discussed it many times, and CBD Wild Leaf was formed!" - Pat