How CBD Can Help Your Golf Game

How CBD Can Help Your Golf Game

When you're out on the golf course, do arthritis, muscle spasms, and pain in your back, shoulders, joints, hands, and feet hinder your game? Imagine playing without the constant discomfort. CBD Wild Leaf offers the perfect solution for golfers like you! Our 500 mg roll-on Freze Releaf is a game-changer. This one-ounce roll-on is packed with 500mg of CBD, completely THC-free! The easy-to-use roll-on allows you to apply the lotion precisely where you need relief without any mess or hassle!

Numerous companies are selling CBD. Therefore,  it is essential to know the source of the CBD where it was grown, how it was extracted, and whether it has been third-party tested. Why is this important? Many companies do not spend the extra time and money on testing and buy cheap CBD grown overseas that contains toxins, poisons, and heavy metals. With the testing, you know the quality and the exact amount of CBD in your products. CBD Wild Leaf takes the time and spends the money to test all our products to be sure that what is on the label is in your product.

CBD Wild Leaf's Freze Releaf is from cannabis grown in Colorado and manufactured in Texas. The CBD is extracted using the CO2 method without using chemicals and solvents. To ensure quality, our CBD is tested twice by third-party labs. The first test is taken after the extraction. It is tested not only for CBD and THC content but also for toxins, poisons, and heavy metals. The second time it is tested is just before filling the bottles at the lab to ensure they contain the amount posted on the label. The amount on the label is confirmed with the test. Many companies wait to test the final product before packaging. The reasons for this are many. Generally, the reasons are costs or knowledge that the amount is less than the label.

But that's not all! In addition to our CBD roll-on, we offer a range of other products tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for tinctures, sleep aids, headache relief, or acne lotion, we've got you covered. 

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