What to Know About Exercise, THC, and CBD

What to Know About Exercise, THC, and CBD


Cannabis is revered for its ability to relieve pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety symptoms. Lately, a new reason cannabis is skyrocketing in popularity: better workouts.

Exercise is so beneficial to our bodies. Especially during the winter,  when training and activities can help you reduce the symptoms of depression (clinical and seasonal) and anxiety. Proponents say cannabis (both marijuana and CBD) motivates them to work out and makes exercise more fun, while others swear by CBD to reduce post-exercise inflammation.

However, what does science have to say about working out with cannabis? Here’s what you should know before deciding to use cannabis before your next sweat session, presented to you below by CBD Wild Leaf.

Cannabis Terms to Know

Before talking about how cannabis can or can’t help your workout, let’s clear up some vocabulary basics:

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component in medical and recreational marijuana. THC’s most well-known effect is euphoria, but it also has therapeutic benefits.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is also present in marijuana, but this compound won’t get you high. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have led to its use in a wide range of cannabis products. Users who don’t want to risk altering their mental state will be relieved to know that CBD can is derived from legal industrial hemp and cannabis containing less than .3% THC

Strains are varieties, or cultivars, of cannabis. The two major cannabis cultivars are Sativa, known for its uplifting, energizing effects, and Indica, commonly used for relaxation and sleep.

How THC Affects Workouts and Recovery

Marijuana use is generally associated with vegging out on the couch and not sweating it out at the gym. Despite the stereotypes, new research shows that marijuana users exercise more than people who don’t partake. In fact, survey respondents who used marijuana before or after their workouts exercised two and a half hours per week on average, compared to non-users who got less than two hours of exercise weekly.

Survey respondents reported that THC increased their motivation to work out, but the most significant impact was how much people enjoyed their exercise and post-workout recovery. When you’re having fun and not waking up achy, it makes sense you’d hit the gym more often.


The best cannabis strains to improve your workout are Sativas and Sativa-dominant hybrids. These cultivars deliver energy and focus without a crash at the end. If you’re hitting the gym in the morning or midday, a Sativa-dominant cultivar with high CBD content will relieve sore muscles without slowing you down. For post-workout products, opt for an Indica strain to send you into a state of relaxation. You also consider the time of day as the Indica strain can get you ready for sleep.

Is CBD the Secret to Faster Post-Workout Recovery?

Interested in a milder way to boost your workout? Nature.com points to evidence that CBD fights inflammation, reduces pain, and improves mobility in people with multiple sclerosis. Another study cited in the European Journal of Pain found that topical CBD eases pain and inflammation in rats with arthritis. Although researchers have yet to examine CBD’s impacts on exercise recovery, it stands to reason that those same anti-inflammatory effects would reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

In fact, some pro athletes swear by CBD oils, edibles, creams, soaks, and other CBD-infused products. And since CBD is mainly considered safe (as long as you do your homework), there’s little risk in trying it for yourself. It can be helpful to pair your CBD recovery practice with a calming, stress-free environment. If your home environment houses bad energy, take the time to cleanse and reset it. You can do this by smudging your home, decluttering the space, and cleaning it with naturopathic remedies. Then, work to keep positive and low-stress energy levels in your home to keep the stress-reducing environment long-term.

Spreading the Word

Change is often complicated, and helping the anti-marijuana world embrace the health benefits of CBD may take time. But research and personal experience combine to form a positive story. If you believe in the benefits of CBD, consider joining the CBD Wild Leaf team. They offer premium products and outstanding customer service to their customers. This venture has three primary avenues: wholesale, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing. Look into each option to determine the best fit for your entrepreneurial adventure. Or you could start up your own CBD business.

There’s no rock-solid science on how cannabis affects workouts, but the early research may be promising. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of actually getting excited to work out or recovering faster after exercise, find out whether cannabis is the fitness boost you’ve needed.

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality CBD product, visit CBD Wild Leaf. CBD Wild Leaf’s topical lotions and oil tinctures can get you started on the right foot! We pride ourselves on an excellent product and customer service; you will not be disappointed.

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