Why is Quality CBD Oil so Expensive?

Why is Quality CBD Oil so Expensive?

CBD Wild Leaf gets asked this question often, "Why is quality CBD Oil so expensive?"  Therefore, we have decided to explain why this is the case. To answer this question, we need to look at concentration, sourcing, extraction method, and testing. All of these things influence the pricing.

Let us focus on the concentration. First of all, you want to look at the amount of CBD in the product. In general, the higher the concentration, the higher the price. If the product contains a low concentration of  CBD, then you will not see the benefits of it. Due to the lack of standardization in the industry, there currently is a wide range of prices for CBD Hemp oil. The FDA has not issued regulations on products and labels. This creates an environment for a large number of companies to scam people to make a quick buck.  A recent study found that nearly 25% of CBD products contained zero percent CBD. If product pricing is very inexpensive, the products most likely will not have any CBD or the correct amount of CBD.

The second thing to consider is sourcing. It is very important to know where your CBD is sourced. The hemp plant is known as a 'hyperaccumulator,' which means it quickly absorbs anything present in the soil where it is grown. On the positive side, if the hemp plant is grown in fertile soil, it will absorb many nutrients and produce high-quality CBD oil. On the flip side, this also means that if the hemp plant is grown in an area polluted with heavy metals, the plant will also soak up those heavy metals, which can be toxic. Beware of CBD sourced from Asia. It is very inexpensive than hemp grown in the US or Europe. It will most likely be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, and other undesirables. So, look for products that use hemp grown in the US. Farmers are required to receive a certification by the state department of agriculture. Another crucial point that needs to be made upfront is CBD Hemp Oil is not Hemp Seed Oil. If the manufacturer is using oil produced from hemp seeds, it does not contain CBD! This oil is very inexpensive to produce and has some health benefits but doesn’t contain CBD! If someone is selling you CBD made from hemp seed, we recommend distancing yourself from this seller due to unethical practices of falsely representing the product. Several independent studies have confirmed this. One study of 84 different CBD merchants found that almost 25% of the products contained ZERO % CBD! Another study found that only 31% had the correct amount of CBD that was on the label. CBD Wild Leaf uses only high-quality CBD oil from cannabis plants. The raw material (hemp flowers with leaves and stems) is more expensive to produce. The good news is that scientists and growers are developing hybrids containing higher percentages of CBD. But until these strains are matured, it takes a large amount of cannabis to produce the broadband CBD.

There are three main methods of extracting cannabinoids from the plants - alcohol, cold press, and CO2. All are expensive and require expensive equipment. The alcohol method of extraction utilizes 90% alcohol with filtering, subsequent reduction, and decarboxylation. The second method is the CO2 extraction method. This method utilizes the Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine. This method is much more expensive from the equipment standpoint, but also provides a better end product. The third method of cold press is now gaining popularity.  Brands that sell CBD oil at a lower price are likely using less expensive extraction methods that use toxic solvents, including propane, hexane, and butane.

Testing is particularly important and is one of the key things you should consider. Third-party testing is expensive, which adds to the cost. Testing should take place at the "Raw" level just after extraction testing for the heavy metals, pesticides, toxic solvents, and other undesirables. A second test should take place after the batch has been formulated. This is an important test as it will show you the product has the amount of CBD that is printed on the label.

To sum it up, be careful, and do your homework! The only way to ensure you are getting a premium product that contains CBD is to have the manufacturer present you with a COA or certificate of authenticity issued by a third party documenting the CBD! CBD Wild Leaf’s CBD is extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the cannabis plant via the CO2 extraction method. We proudly include this documentation on our web site, and it is included in all orders. Our new batches and products will have a QR code on the label that links all COA's raw and the final batch test.

Testing increases the price of the product as the testing is expensive but essential for the consumer!


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