CBD Products For Texas

CBD Wild Leaf is proud to be the go-to supplier of CBD products for many people around Texas. Our exciting lineup of products offers you not only the standards in the CBD industry, but also some thoughtful, innovative CBD products that you may enjoy. It doesn’t matter what city you live in, whether its Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, we will see that you have access to our CBD products and deliver them straight to your door. Though we are Texas natives ourselves, you will have to access our products on our online store. 

One of the most popular methods of taking CBD is through CBD tincture. This is a staple in the industry as it has a fast absorption rate and can be easily mixed into beverages or taken plain. 

Topical CBD

Many CBD stores typically offer topical CBD products in the form of a cream or wax. Usually, these creams are meant for an overall general soothing purpose. But our innovative team has developed specific topical CBD products for different things. We have:

  • CBD for migraines
  • CBD for acne
  • CBD bundles
  • And your standard relief (releaf) CBD

CBD For Sleep

We also offer CBD that is created with ingredients that help aid in sleep. Sleep is a tremendous importance to us, but we don’t always get good sleep. Sometimes we may try but struggle to relax and wind down. Our Sleep CBD aids with this, helping to make sure you can reset and recharge. 


THC Gummies

We also offer delta 8 THC gummies. While many CBD stores only provide gummies with less than 0.03% THC, our delta 8 THC gummies contain 20mg of delta 8 THC and less than 0.03% delta 9 THC. These are currently the only gummies we offer. So if you are looking for gummies with 0% THC, these are NOT for you. We do have other CBD products with 0% THC. But our gummies, again, DO contain THC. 


Many of our ingredients are carefully selected and geared towards aiding our specific products at the task they are meant for. 

Contact Us

If you have questions about our products, please give us a call. If you just want to buy products, please visit our store and browse our selection. We also offer bundles of CBD if you need different types of products and want to save some money.