Does CBD cause psychoactive effects? Is it Psychoactive?

Bottom line: CBD is not psychoactive! There have been many studies demonstrating CBD does not produce psychoactive effects. Low doses of THC (less than .3%) are present in several CBD products, which may have a psychoactive effect on individuals who are very sensitive to THC. CBD Wild Leaf products contain 0% THC, and while using them, you can maintain a clear mind and active lifestyle. CBD Wild Leaf uses the CO2 extraction method, and we attach a COA to every order to demonstrate our 0% THC.

Please be aware that some people are susceptible to THC, and even an amount of less than .3% THC can affect an individual. In addition, it depends on which CBD oil you are purchasing. If you are purchasing marijuana CBD oil, depending on the extraction process, the ration, and the strain, there may be levels of THC that will give you the “high” effect. If you purchase hemp CBD oil, which contains extremely low levels of THC, you will not experience a high