Is all CBD the same? What is the reliability?

No, it’s not all the same! Unfortunately, there are several products that, after being tested for CBD, found less than the amount shown on the labels. An astonishing 25% of the 84 products tested contained less CBD than was advertised, plus THC was found in 21% of the products! Another cause for concern is the unreliability of the purity and amount of CBD in products. CBD Wild Leaf products have established new industry standards for purity and efficacy. We receive positive feedback and inspiring testimonials, and you can view these testimonials on our testimonial page!

Most formal studies regarding CBD have been conducted with single-molecule CBD extracts produced by biochemical laboratories for research. But there is a stark contrast between isolated CBD molecules and whole-plant hemp extractions, which typically include CBD, legally acceptable trace amounts of THC, and more than 100 other compounds, including cannabinoids and flavonoids, omega-chain fatty acids, and terpenes. Many of these compounds can interact synergistically, which creates what scientists refer to as the “entourage effect.” The hearty chemical profile of our strain is an immediate advantage.

CBD Wild Leaf products are superior to the other CBD oils you will find in retail establishments and on the internet.

Choose a CBD Brand with a Serving Size You Can Trust

Figuring out how much CBD oil to take can feel like trying to navigate through a complicated maze. The sheer volume of CBD brands on the market can create confusion for consumers. Not only do vendors use different source materials (CBD-rich cannabis vs. industrial hemp, different strains, etc.), but they also implement different extraction techniques. CBD Wild Leaf utilizes only the most refined CBD oil available, and it is organic, GMP, Made in the USA, grown in Colorado, the third-party tested, and the COA is provided with each order.