Can CBD Help to Lower High Blood Pressure or Hypertension?

Can CBD Help to Lower High Blood Pressure or Hypertension?

This blog explores what High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is and how CBD can help.


What is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is the same condition. High blood pressure means your heart works hard to pump blood through your body. When your heart must work harder, it strains your heart and your body which can lead to several major health problems, including stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure, to name a few. These conditions can have devastating outcomes.

High blood pressure statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) include:

  • Approximately 75 million American adults (one in three) have high blood pressure.
  • Only 54 percent of these individuals have their hypertension under control.
  • Around one in three adults in the U.S. have pre-hypertension, which is high blood pressure numbers, but not enough to be considered hypertension.
  • Over 410,000 Americans died in 2014 because of high blood pressure, which translates to over 1,100 deaths a day. (1)
  • The following chart illustrates blood pressure readings and what is considered high!



What are the causes?

There are two types of hypertensions: Primary and Secondary. The most prevalent is primary and does not have a known single cause. However, several conditions can contribute to high blood pressure. They are obesity, genetics, a high sodium diet, lack of physical activity, consuming too much alcohol, smoking, and stress. Secondary hypertension develops quickly due to external factors. These external factors include heart, thyroid, and kidney disorders, drugs and stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines, a sedentary lifestyle, and alcohol consumption. This type of hypertension is more dangerous because of the compounding external factors.

Are there Symptoms of High Blood Pressure?

No, that's the problem! It can be challenging to diagnose! It has been called the silent killer! How do you know if you are experiencing hypertension? Symptoms are difficult as there may not be any. However, if you are experiencing frequent severe headaches, changes in a heartbeat such as rapid or skipping beats, fatigue, vision problems, and breathing problems, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Scheduling regular appointments with your physician, especially if you have a family history and other conditions, is crucial. You can also monitor your blood pressure yourself. There are several good machines at your local pharmacy. We recommend one that stores your readings this way; your can share them with your doctor.

How Is Hypertension Treated?

The treatment choice of most people is pharmaceuticals, as it is easy -you take a pill a day. I agree that the science backs this treatment as they lower blood pressure. However, I'm not a fan of those prescription drugs due to their potentially strong side effects. Increasingly we are hearing about medicines that have been approved by the FDA for years presenting new side effects and conditions. 

My favorite treatment is changing your lifestyle. This route is challenging and is difficult. In choosing this route, you should first consult with your doctor and try and reach the cause of your hypertension; once that is determined, you can develop a plan together.

Is your high blood pressure due toone or more of the following:

  • obesity,
  • a diet high in sodium,
  • lack of physical activity,
  • consuming too much alcohol,
  • smoking,
  • genetics,
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • another disease
  • or a combination of the above

Once you and your doctor agree on the cause, you can develop a plan to change your lifestyle, which may or may not be radical! Introducing changes to your lifestyle, can significantly improve your life. These include eating nutritious food, developing an exercising routine, abstaining from cigarettes, and incorporating CBD. The latest research indicates that CBD can lower blood pressure. However,  more studies are needed to make conclusive claims. f you're considering taking CBD oil for high blood pressure talk to your doctor or a cannabis doctor or at least one that has been educated in cannabis.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant has active therapeutic components. CBD is one of them. CBD is different than THC as it does not produce or cause a "high."  CBD is receiving considerable attention due to its potential therapeutic benefits.

Can CBD help lower blood pressure?

CBD Supplementation should be considered by hypertension patients searching for alternative natural ways to manage blood pressure. Research shows that supplementation with CBD may effectively reduce blood pressure in healthy adults. The FDA has not approved CBD for the treatment of hypertension.

CBD can be a natural supplement for reducing high blood pressure. CBD oil works by relaxing the arteries and lowering the heart rate, which in turn lowers blood pressure. CBD oil also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, two of the leading causes of high blood pressure. There are a number of things we don’t understand about high blood pressure and CBD. Preliminary research suggests CBD may positively affect blood pressure. A number of studies and research projects are underway to study CBD and high blood pressure to see if the effects of  CBD could be an effective treatment. Additionally, CBD appears to improve circulation and heart health.

As for those who take CBD to lower their high blood pressure, don't worry. CBD is safe!Remember you can’t overdose on CBD but make sure you always look at the COA for ingredients of THC.

What's the CBD Oil Dosage for High Blood Pressure?

So, if you are looking to try CBD and looking for recommended dosages you’ll find guidnece but there is not a one-size fits all dosage. CBD dosage depends on many different factors including your weight, metabolism, age, prior experience with CBD, and the severity of your symptoms.

Experts recommend starting with 1–6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. If you've never taken CBD before, starting at the lowest point and slowly working your way up to the effective dosage is best. CBD oil is generally considered safe and well-tolerated. However, some people may experience side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, or changes in appetite. 

If you're considering taking CBD oil, you must talk to your doctor first, especially if you have a medical condition or take medication for other health conditions. CBD oil can interact with certain medications, so it's essential to be sure that it's safe for you before you start taking it. The good thing about taking the tincture sublingually is that it doesn't work through the liver; it is absorbed way before so it can’t interfere.

CBD Wild Leaf CBD oil products are in two forms: tinctures and gummies.

  • CBD Tinctures are one of the most popular forms of consuming CBD oil. Generally, the oil is taken sublingually but can be added to food or beverages. CBD Wild Leaf has two tinctures, 750mg and 1500mg. The tinctures are taken sublingually and can take effect in less than10 minutes.
  • Gummies- are becoming the favorite choice as they come in various flavors. CBD gummies are a convenient and delicious way to take CBD oil and are also easy to take on the road. CBD Wild Leaf has CBD Gummies without THC, 25mg per CBD gummy! Recommended dosage One tablet taken twice daily



How do you figure out CBD dosage?

This is a great question! You must experiment because CBD dosages differ for each person according to various factors. The following factors are needed for determining your dosage: body weight, age, sensitivity, body metabolism, method od delivery, experience with cannabis, tolerance, and treatment length. The longer you use CBD, the more tolerant you may become of it. Ultimately, no one size fits all in CBD dosage, so it's essential to experiment and find the correct dose for you. When you first take CBD, gradually increasing the dosage from a low point is recommended. Typically, based on their potency and CBD needs, people commonly take 1–5 gummies each day. CBD Wild Leaf CBD Gummies contain 25mg of CBD. The recommended dosage for a CBD gummy is two gummies per day. However, depending on your body weight, age, and experience with cannabis, you may need to take more or less. So, taking them every day shouldn't be a problem, as long as you don't take too many at once. If you take too many, the only side effect you may experience is feeling sleepy. So, it's best to start with one gummy and see how it affects you before taking more. Remember, you can't overdose, and it is safe to take every day!

What are some other options for treating high blood pressure?

Home treatments can also be used to manage the disease. A healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, and lean proteins, as well as weight management and frequent exercise, is essential. It's also a good idea to eat a low-sodium diet. It's also necessary to regulate your stress. CBD gummies & tinctures, Delta 8, meditation, exercise, and simple deep breathing are all effective ways to relieve stress. Finally, smoking has the potential to raise blood pressure as Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that harm human tissues and stiffen blood vessels.




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